m.a.s.k. mission

An honest, unrushed and science based approach to hair. Services designed to maintain your hair integrity, suit your evolving lifestyle and last a little longer.

Revealing your beauty and confidence through the use of high end make up and the most innovative techniques and ideas.

Mother of the Groom Hair Up

This year I have undertaken makeup and hair for several mothers of the groom. Often it’s undertaken either in my salon or at home away from the main bridal party but none the less a very special occasion. I am able to offer trials where you can try different a shades, colours and foundation types as well as try a whole selection of hair ups or downs. Fascinators, jewels or flowers can be added and secured. Did you know a fascinator is traditionally worn on the right hand side? the hair style can be adjusted to ensure an overall feeling of balance. 

A recent training day with Emma Fowler Hair at Braxted Park.  I love attending courses and keeping up to date with the latest technology and trends. 

Lived in colour is for blonde and darker colour and has an amazing grow out that doesn't require coming in to salon every 6 weeks. Contact me about lived in and see how it can work for you.

Bridal Party Wedding Hair

An amazing wedding that I recently attended in Surrey. Here are three beautiful adult bridesmaids whose hair I styled using premium products. One of the ladies here had relatively short hair yet I was able to craft and curl it to look like there was so much more. Thank goodness wedding season is back. (Other hairstylist on attendance @natasharosehair . Makeup in this picture @makeupbychristinex

A few examples of hair ups that I have created. Different hair requires different prep for a hair up and not every style works for every hair type. The best results are often organic, provided with a theme, a vision and some inspiration photos I can work with the hair in front of me to create a finished style.

Flowers, pins and jewels can be added to the styles to really set them off and add that special extra touch. I can work with you to advise and create and in some cases make what you hope to achieve. 

Vivid Colour

I really love tacking a massive change and ending up with a striking vivid colour. Not for the faint hearted, this hair had a 6 inch root bleach and was pre toned before the green and purple were added. If you have always wanted to try a vivid colour, a small section underneath can be lightened and used as a base for whatever combination of colours you would prefer.

Mannequins because humans aren't allowed.

So what do you practice and train on when you cant cut and style real hair? Mannequins; and lots of them. You can style, cut and colour to your hearts content. This particular doll started life as a dull mid brown. She has had a root stretch blended into some freehand balayage. One of my favourite techniques. She looks like a  very, very natural blonde with nice depth and contrasting light.  

A Spot of Science and magic

You can feel and see the difference when you include Olaplex in your hair service.When using bleach and freehand clay, I always add Olaplex in to the mix. This helps prevent damage internally. The cortex of your hair is where all the chemical processes occur. When bleaching the hair a process occurs where natural and artificial colour is removed from the hair; this creates Oxymelanin.

This process unfortunately weakens the permanent, strong di-sulphide bonds. These are actually Keratin proteins.  

Bleach isn't the only thing that damages your hair in this way. Perming, chemical straightener treatments, repeated heat and even exposure to sunlight can cause further damage.

When damaged, the bonds split into single sulphur atoms. It can take your hair up three days to recover and re bond. (That's why you cant wash your hair for three days after a perm or a keratin treatment.) Olaplex contains ingredients which create an artificial bridge between the two single sulphur components and it happens a lot quicker than the usual 3 days. This means the damage that is normally created when colouring your hair is reduced. A lot. 

 Part of the process includes a 20 minute treatment.

Why isn't it used all the time? Like most things, it costs money and also it takes time. An extra 30 minutes to each bleach colour service and an extra shampoo and conditioner service is also required. You can feel and see the difference when you use it with your colour service. 

It is available as a stand alone salon treatment. When your hair is feeling dry, thirsty and in need of some special care, it is one of the best treatments for your hair.

Retail products are available to use at home. I use No 3 treatment and No 7 Oil on my own hair. The in salon treatments are undertaken with No 1 and No 2 and are formulated in a different way to the retail products. There is a difference.

This is maintaining the integrity of your hair. This is socially responsible hair. This is science based hairdressing.

In a relatively short space of time, Covid 19 has changed the expectations we have our ourselves and the companies we patronize. Social responsibility is about supplying services; specifically in my case hair services and makeup and operating in a way in which serves the best interests of staff, clients, the community and the environment. What does that mean? It is about ethical behaviour, accountability and transparency, respect for all stakeholders, compliance with the law, respect for societal norms and promoting sustainable working practices.

In salon, I have workplace standard infection control procedures, a one to one work environment where social distancing is possible and actively encouraged. PPE must be worn at all times. Respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette is followed. Hazards and risks have been identified and decontamination of the salon and tools is a three step process. Clean, disinfect and sanitise.

 There is a linen and waste management policy. Here the processes are understood, managed and taken very seriously. There is no corner cutting and you can be assured you are in the best environment.

Products and equipment used are of professional, award winning quality. Where possible and when there is no compromise to your service, chemicals and products have been chosen to work with your hair and skin's natural PH levels. (Do you know what the local P.H of the water is here in our area?)  Less harsh chemical alternatives have been sought out, Olaplex treatments are not negotiable when using bleach here, products are weighed accurately and branded, high end hydrogen peroxide as recommended by Manufactures and REQUIRED by insurers is used.  Vegan products are available, GDPR is understood and followed, consultations and allergy and hair and skin tests are vital. 

This is socially responsible hair and makeup and the vision for m.a.s.k.

Creative Hair and Makeup

Hair, makeup and creative faux tattoos. The beautiful mode l Emma is going to come and be a hair model for me soon. She loves red hair so we will enhance the colour with some freehand techniques. 

When we could create real hair.

Hair throwback -  before lockdown photo. Root colour; covering up the grey with a beautiful mid opacity permanent product. A touch of golden reflect always makes the hair shine.❤️The hair cut was layered to remove weight at the bottom, create movement and make this easier to manage at home. @m.a.s.kbykaren @goldwelluk #brunette #goldenreflects #hair #hairstylist #hmua #tendringhair #easytomaintainhair #homestyling


Private, one to one salon. 

An honest, un rushed, science and knowledge approach to haircare.

Designed to suit your lifestyle and maintain your hairs integrity.

A style and colour that can last a little longer and withstand whatever events life may throw at us.

Natural hair and blinding services

Colour corrections

Balayage and freehand painting

Professional, award winning products.

When you want a little bit more for your hair.

Wigs, makeup and styling

A superb edit from a photoshoot prior to lockdown No 2. This is a synthetic wig that was styled and dressed out by myself. It is  similar skill and much care and attention is needed to create the right shape and style. This was an edit created in lockdown by Photographer Kezz Wesley. The shoot was at a local studio; The Shed - Essex. Model is Nicole. (Makeup, wig and shoot styling by myself.)


Limited number of new clients for ongoing hair care services. Please contact me for availability. 

Level 2 VTCT/ITEC Award in  Infection Prevention (Covid-19) Hairdressing and Barbering Services

I am passionate about training. Education never stops. In spite of the difficulties created by Covid-19 this year, I decided to undertake a further two Level 3 qualifications at College. I also studied for a new Level 2 qualification that helps me manage Barbering and hairdressing Salon environments.

When you focus on possibilities; you will have more opportunities. 

Starting a Colour Correction Journey

This client used a Live colour product on their hair during lockdown No 2. She wants to return to  a more natural, light blonde colour but maintain her length. Step one was removal of  a staining colour . You can see the difference made on the first step of the journey. Much can be done to correct colour, but it is important to understand its often a journey and for the sake of the integrity of your hair, it may involve a few visits. Step two continues when lockdown is next released. A further cut, conditioning treatments and putting some depth and texture back in to the hair with lowlights and blended tones.

Vintage Hair and Makeup

Creating hair and makeup for a vintage look.  Super sized rollers created some Hollywood glamour curls and bounce in the models hair. Can you see the hood dryer in the background? Don't under estimate the power of setting your hair. You will have curls for days; better than the best cruly blow dry. Photographer: Kezz Wesley at  Essex Studio The Shed Photographic Studio. Model: Georgina.

Beautiful Insta Photos

I was asked to do makeup for a shoot for a beautiful lady; she is an Instaqueen and wanted to get some new shots. She had the most beautiful skin. I mixed three bespoke shades of foundation to make everything perfect and added a Va Va Voom eye using black smokes and chunky blue glitter. A beautiful result. Model R. Photographer Kevin Jay. makeup by m.a.s.kbykaren

This is the shot I have been planning in my head for a long time. Hommage to the Wigs and Makeup Manager. I made the headdress and modelled the gold scroll work from clay. I love how this turned out though I could have done with another half an hour for a full upper body airbrush paint. Time is the enemy of a great photo shoot makeup.

These shots by photographer Simon Rich. Model Sarah-Louise Jane Fisher-Webb. Makeup by m.a.s.kbykaren

Blue Glitter Black Smokes

This model has the most beautiful skin. I mixed three bespoke shades of foundation to make everything perfect and added a Va Va Voom eye using black smokes and chunky blue glitter. A beautiful result. Model R. Photographer Kevin Jay. makeup by m.a.s.kbykaren

Blue Haze

Playing with blue material and coloured, bold makeup. With model Eleanor and photographer Kezz Photography. Makeup by m.a.s.kbykaren

Hommage to The Wigs and Makeup Manager. I have been itching to recreate this look for a long time. My thanks to photographer Simon Rich for making this shot possible. Other photographers were also at the shoot.

Natural Makeup

Natural makeup, for a beautiful lady who doesn't normally wear lots. Emphasis on skin and light. An amazing photo by photographer Danny Wood Photography. Model: Natalie. Makeup by m.a.s.kbykaren

Nowhere to Hide

I was happy to get the chance to makeup this beautiful lady. Using lots of colours on her skin, it was luminous and caught the light. Nowhere to hide any mistakes. Model: Ella Nolan. Photographer: Kolokial Shots. Makeup by me; m.a.s.kbykaren.

Male Painterly Blacklight UV

A break from the norm, a male model with a full beard. It was a challenge to create a more masculine look. This photograph from Lynn Browning captured the features and strokes. Model Alun (bravely standing the other side of the camera.) Makeup and styling by me; m.a.s.kbykaren

Golden Glitter Cut Crease

Brown and neutral transition shades with a golden glitter cut crease. Amazing makeup for a special occasion. Model Samantha and photographer Kezz Photography. Makeup by me; m.a.s.kbykaren.

Seeing Stars

Great shot of model Eleanor as taken through some coloured perspex. I know that this shot caused some lighting  questions; dealt with amazingly by Kezz Photography. Makeup by me; m.a.s.kbykaren.


Natural, glass skin and gentle tones for model Jaimeylee. A real step away from her usual look. The beauty of makeup is the power of transformation; temporarily.  Photographer Kolokial Shots. Makeup and styling by me; m.a.s.kbykaren.

Black and White Beauty

Mesmerising eyes; even in b&w. Strong, colour clash eye makeup. Channelling 70's purple and green colour combo. Shift eye makeup c/o Chaos Makup UK. Model Eleanor. Photo by Kezz Photography.

                                                        PROM MAKEUP

Prom makeup on the gorgeous Maisy. Silver sparkle into a dark sharp wing.


Photographs from Mark Coventry Photography. (Photo crop enforced by software.)

Watercolour Blush

Pink watercolour blush and glass skin. Using lots and lots of Danessa Myricks products. Shot on one of the hottest days of the year when the biggest issue I faced was preventing the slide. Model Emma and photographer Kezz Photography. Makeup by me; m.a.s.kbykaren.

Face framed

A beautiful shot of model Samantha by photographer Kezz  Photography. This was a beauty shoot, focusing on a beautiful gold sparkly cut crease. Makeup by me; M.a.s.kbykaren.

Some photographs from a commercial shoot where I undertook both makeup and hair services for the client.

The campaign was run for a Suffolk based company, My Overalls. (Insta) (website). Handcrafted in england, My Overalls offers a timeless classic with a difference.

 I urge you to check out their social media and see what makes these so special. They really are the most wonderful, beautifully tactile garments.

Model Olivia via Sandra Reynolds Agency. Photographer John Ferguson. makeup and hair  by m.a.s.kbykaren

Rainbow eyeshadow and flick liner

An amazing shot of model Lois as taken by photographer Terry Turner. It really highlights the colour on the eye and the fine flick liner. Makeup by me; alternative colour but still subtle and feminine.

This week I was involved in another UV Shoot. I really like how the daylight version of this makeup is very underwhelming. When lit up it is a riot of colour and provides stunning images.

Contact me if you are interested in makeup for your shoot or special occasion.

Photos one and two: Photographer Kevin Jay Photos three and four Simon Rich. Model Ayeesha.

Editorial In Print

I was really happy to write an article for Emote Magazine relating to my Top 5 Makeup Products for Photoshoots. Many thanks to Editor Gems Godfrey and to Photographer Ian Clifford and Model Jade Tayla for their support. 

Images from a black light UV shoot. It is a really interesting theme in terms of makeup. I tried a number of different mediums before I settled on a mixture of paints, makeup and glitter. I normally work at 5000K and what you see at this light frequency is so very different. When the model was ready in normal light, she looked very underwhelming. Yet when lit up properly, these images were produced. Magic.

Neon in Chains

A creative and slightly dark photoshoot with Abigail Janine. With a wig, some heavy makeup and a few home made chains the transformation was complete. Photographer Kezz Wesley

A wonderful set of photos from a local location shoot in the woods. This was my first time shooting with smoke bombs, rather than aerosols or machines. The effect is dramatic and honestly a lot of fun. Professional smoke bombs can be used outdoors given the right weather conditions and can be used to really create drama in your photos. Photographer Rebbeca Gurden has used these to great effect in wedding photos before.

Photographer: Rebecca Gurden Photography

Model: Kirsty Baron

Hair: Shelley Seymour/Image Hair design

Makeup and headdress by me; m.a.s.kbykaren

Ladies, what a wonderful day. Thanks. x

Male grooming for a photoshoot. Model Kynan Hammond. Photographer Kezz Wesley.

I want to highlight this image of the most amazing model; Lois Perry. Based in North Essex, I have been lucky to do her makeup on two occasions and both were a pleasure. Lois is smart, funny and edgy and a pleasure to work with. This makeup design is a rainbow collage across her upper and lower eyes and seemed fitting in line with her beautiful hair. Photographer Kezz Wesley

These images are from an amazing female fitness shoot that I was involved in at Juice Photo Studio in Alresford. The shoot was to show the body in all its glory; both perfection and imperfection with an express request to not photoshop anything. These photos are a great testament to all the effort that model Steff has put in to her fitness journey.

The makeup was a golden eye with a mid tone brown transition shade in the crease and a bold red lip. No over drawing. No gimmicks. Just a celebration of a fit and strong female body. 

Photographer Photo 1 & 2: Denise Millen

Photographer Photos 3 & 4: Gideon Chilton

Photoshoot Makeup

I was contacted to assist with the makeup for a photoshoot for a young model. Having been given a few ideas, images and some colour schemes, I created this makeup. Neutral colours but a design bold enough to highlight her eyes. Eyes for miles! This was model Tamsyn's first shoot, though from this image I don't think you could tell. Photographer: Kezz Wesley.

Lots and lots and lots of makeup on these lovelies at an amazing photoshoot day at Strelley Hall. This was a photoshoot based on a floral these and involved lots of faux tattoos, beads, spikes, gems and even some real flowers. It was a riot of colour, age appropriate and personalised. These images were all taken by photographer Gavin Woodgate who attended on the day. Check out his Insta page HERE; he is a very talented and I look forward to working with him again.

Models 1 & 2: Stella Hardwick, Model 3: Diane Model 4 & 5: Annie

Photographer - Gavin Woodgate

Photoshoot workshop - Salli Gainsford Photography 

MUA - Karen Mackintosh; m.a.s.kbykaren

Hair - Serah Eames

Location Manager - Jan Cottrell

Location - Strelley Hall

Headdress - Carrie Courtney and Haus of Sinister ** Sorry, I can't recall which was which.

The Amazing Ellie J Goodwin

Another great photo shoots with Ian Clifford from Kolokial Shots resulted in superb shoot with model Ellie J Goodwin. This one is one of the final shots as highlighted on the behind the scenes video. We changed the look dramatically part way through the shoot; adding some gold flakes and a little drama.

Kolokial Shots behind the scenes video of a recent two look shoot with model EllieJGoodwin.

Music credit to Bensound.com

Youtube video thumbnail

Michael Lombard London Fashion Week SS19 House of iKons

The lovely Brittany Capozziello; one of the models I made up walking here in an amazing design in the finale show from Micheal Lombard. many thanks to all the Den Creative Events Team for including me in the Makeup team

Final shot from an amazing shoot with model Jade Tayla and photographer Kolokial Shots

I really enjoyed being part of the Den Creative Events Team main make up team this year involved in makeup for House of iKons. This was my first London Fashion Week show and I look forward to getting involved in some more. Day one was adult iKons. I was really lucky to have made up some of the international models as well as one of the opening dancers. Highlights this year included curvy models walking mainstream. All the designers shows were amazing. 

Day two was mini iKons; the children show. I was hugely lucky to have been included in this day too. I loved working with all the little models. They looked amazing doing their thing on the catwalk. See more photos of the day and the amazing shots from Micheal Lombards Finale, where I made up two of the models walking. HERE.

Corporate Shoot:

One of the things I strive for is versatility. I think it is important to be able to turn your hand creatively to makeup for all different situations and client needs.

These are a few images from a recent corporate shoot. Grooming  the gentlemen and ladies for a no makeup makeup look. Charlotte Tilbury makeup featured heavily in this shoot for the ladies. Also, the airbrush really came in to its own. Photographer Ade Parker Photography.

An Extra Shot

On a shoot recently, we were speaking about lip drips and metallics and with the assistance of model Tayla, we managed this amazing shot. I love the simplicity of it. I was able to apply a barely there makeup that gave a well groomed finish and played a little with drips and different mediums to run down the face. This is one of my favourite images. Photographer Kezz Wesley

Bokeh Night with Shutterbugs Camera Club

Shutterbugs is a camera club based locally to me. They often run different styles and shoots. This image was taken on Bokeh evening. I made up the two models for the evening; this is Emma. She made my job very easy! Photographer is Denise Millen

The other Shutterbugs model, Meg Fox. Photo taken by Denise Millen. Meg had her own coloured contact lenses that were in for this shoot.

Bridal Shoot Images

I was very fortunate to be involved with a bridal shoot to highlight some designer gowns. Deep in Norfolk on a very cold January day, I was part of a very creative team led by accomplished photographer John Ferguson. See also Studio LuxeThe results of the photos I have seen so far are stunning. Wonderful light and the material and gowns have been captured beautifully. As well as providing makeup, I turned my hand to creating the hair styles on some of the shots and assisted with styling hair in others. Many thanks to amazing model Ellie Goodwin who was a delight to work with. I look forward to working with both Ellie and John in future projects together. Also, I want to mention assistant photographer Jae Storer who is not only immensely talented but has a great sense of humour too! 


With Matthew Mallet of JRM Photography and Sarah-Louise Fisher-Webb. No filters, no tricks, just makeup,  glitter and great lighting.

Gel Lighting and Burlesque Drama

The first of what I believe will be an amazing set of photos following a gel lighting high colour shoot with Kolokial Shots and model Jade Tayla. I created a fauxhican hairstyle and used bold, bright colours in the makeup scheme. As the shoot went on , the makeup became more dramatic using lots of colour, glitter and glycerin. Thank you to both Ian and Jade for indulging me with the eyelashes. Bold, strong and dramatic images.


Amazing image from Salli Gainsford Photography. Makeup by me, m.a.s.kbykaren. I had the idea of creating the dripping pearl tear effect using some rather unusual facial adornments. The best thing about creative makeup is the opportunity that you get to try something different and push all the boundaries. Salli Gainsford Photography runs a number of amazing workshops, details can be found via her Facebook page HERE.

London Fashion Week SS19

I am really excited to be going to London Fashion Week, SpringSummer19 and painting faces. I look forward to sharing some of the images of the models.

Walk, don't run!

Best eyebrow pencil ever. Ever. This is one  that I use on myself and never share. The universal shade It Cosmetics Brow Power Eyebrow Pencil. It is amazing and previously was only available in the U.S.A. Its now in the UK at Cult Beauty and is worth every penny. It is very long lasting, durable and suits pretty much every brow colour you can imagine. Go buy it here!

Winter Berries/Autumn & Ice Queen Shoot

I am absolutely in love with this image of Leia taken by the very talented Kezz Wesley. This was a recent shoot that Kezz and Kevin AKA Droneshotz masterminded. The props and set were amazing. Almost a whole forest of Christmas trees and the most amazing gel lighting. Makeup and headdress by me; m.a.s.kbykaren

In Print Soon!

Emote Magazine is due out any day and I can finally share the rest of the amazing images.

Model: Sarah-Louise. Photographer: Ian Clifford. Makeup by me; m.a.s.kbykaren.

Big Dress Shoot

Beautiful shot of Megan in a beautiful blue gown. Photos by Pete Wilk. Makeup by me; m.a.s.kbykaren.

Office Makeup

Just before Christmas, I attended a Company in the city and was able to offer staff members makeup prior to their Christmas Event. It was a great afternoon/evening. I am fully insured and my training is accredited and so I met the requirements of the HR department. I was able to set up in one of the meeting rooms and the ladies who booked were able to come in at set times and get glam.

If this is something you might like to consider for the end of the year, get in touch early. Also available for summer balls, Valentines Day, etc.

Makeup Close up

An amazing photo of Meg's makeup as taken by Nick Halling. Makeup by me; m.a.s.k.bykaren

Floral Inspired creative makeup

A stunning image of Katelyn as taken by the very talented Salli Gainsford at a shoot on Saturday. This is an image I have been wanting to create for a while. Using lots of adornments and some lovely Natasha Denona makeup. Some workshops will be running next year; this image is for the floral workshop. Other styles and designs are available. Check out Salli's Facebook page here for further details. Creative makeup by me; m.a.s.kbykaren.

Office Christmas Party Glam

Having had some enquiries about Christmas Party makeup on site, this is a service that m.a.s.kbykaren can now offer. London, Essex and Suffolk area, along with a team of qualified MUA's, I can attend your venue and help with all your party makeup needs. I think this service will be amazing not only at Christmas but at Valentines Day too. Make contact for enquiries and quotes.

Read all-out it

I am excited for the publication of Decembers issue of Emote Magazine. I have been involved with two published shoots, one of which has gained a three page spread. Woop woop. Check out Emote's Facebook page here.

Kat Von D Beauty Pro

I am excited to have gained Kat von D Beauty Pro Status. I can not wait to include more of their wonderful products in my kit for next year. My latest favourite is the Tesoro Gold Glitter Gel. Perfect for a stunning festive golden eye look.



Exciting news as the Christmas Season approaches; I can now offer makeup and complimentary beauty services in salon at Lolly Dolly Exclusive, Frinton on Sea as well as offering my existing mobile service.

Please contact either myself or the salon for further details.

Halloween - Glam not Gore!

Am I the only MUA that dosent like all the gore that comes along with Halloween?! Having met and been in contact with Stephanie, I planned to create a makeup look for her for a local Camera Club night with a seasonal theme. No clowns or skulls. I came up with the theme of Pumpkin Bride and created a little pumpkin headdress to go along with the white veil and deathly pale foundation! On the night we shook it up with black shawls and various Halloween ephemera. Happily this photo from Carol Spicer has been published in the Halloween Edition of 26 and Beyond Model Magazine. 

Black Netting

I really like the texture of netting. A great shot from Kolokial Shots. Stripped back makeup, black and white.  With Sarah Louise.

Dramatic Gothic

In time for Halloween; this image has an air of dramatic gothic to it. To highlight the beautiful costume, I chose a bold and striking green makeup. The red floral detail in the headdress really set off the green and made the image strong, bold and dramatic. The setting for this shoot is the stunning Guys Cliffe House in Warwick. Well worth the journey for some amazing architecture , detail and a foreboding ambience. By night the house hosts paranormal tours.

Model: Samantha

Photographer: Salli Gainsford

Makeup by me: m.a.s.kbykaren

Professional Kit Building

I have been lucky to have tried and tested a vast array of brands and products whilst training on different techniques and styles of makeup. It is really important to me to ensure that my kit consists of the best professional makeup that provides lasting, photographic quality makeup.

Pro kit includes: Natasha Danona, Pat McGrath, Kat von D Beauty, Becca, Giorgio Armani Beauty, Anastasia Beverley Hills, Chromawheel, PLouise, Peaches and Cream, Kryolan, Mehron, Urban Decay, Veil Cover Cream, Nars, Laura Mercier, Mac, Airbase UK, Charlotte Tilbury, Jeffree Star, Dior, Bobbi Brown, Benefit, Morphe. Plus much more (Well, maybe a little!) 

I am proud to be recognised by many of these companies in their pro discount schemes and I am also a member of Makeup Artist Pro.

An outside photoshoot on the sea front. Inspire of the sunshine I managed to survive in my winter coat!!

The makeup was three phased, allowing the model to transform in to three different characters. Here is the blue shoot. Glossy eyes and an ombre blue lip looked amazing on this very talented model.

Model: Ayeesha Elameay

Photographer: Pete Wilk at Kudos Photography

Makeup by me: m.a.s.k.bykaren

Sweet Shoot

The first of some of the images from a sweet inspired shoot.

The shoot kind of took on life of it's own and we came away with some excellent images.

The makeup for this shoot was designed in stages and in the most dramatic section it conveyed a story of decadence and overload. Im looking forward to sharing more images from the shoot soon.

Model: Sarah-Louise 

Photographer: Ian Clifford at Kolokial Shots

Makeup by me: m.a.s.kbykaren


With a design brief to ensure the makeup was bold and vivid; I took inspiration from the beautiful headdress and researched makeup influenced by native American Indian tribes. This also needed to be modern and fresh so that the model could carry on to an alternative shoot afterwards. Since application speed was also key, I designed and made a template to use for a perfect finish. 

I really enjoy researching history for inspiration and drawing influence from the unexpected. Knowing your references is crucial to delivering a professional look.

Model: Tanya

Photographer:Salli Gainsford Photography

Makeup by me: m.a.s.kbykaren

I was lucky to have been able to source a unique and interesting location for this shoot. Some of the old, forgotten and timeworn objects made a really interesting backdrop. All credit to the amazing model who fearlessly climbed in and on whatever we found. This image is one of my favourites.

Model: Vanessa

Photographer: Pete Wilk at Kudos  Images

Makeup by me: m.a.s.kbykaren

A recent shoot

This photo came from a shoot designed around a theme of sweets. This look just kind of happened when I was playing around with some netting and mix matching different gauges. With Kolikial Shots and Sarah Louise.

Golden Goddess

The beautiful Laura in a look designed to compliment her outfit. I used Natasha Danona Star Palette along with some Mehron gold metallic powders to create this look. 

A breathtaking image.

Model: Laura

Photographer: Salli Gainsford Photography

Makeup be me: m.a.s.kbykaren

Equestrian Styled Shoot

Styled by me with some authentic equestrian clothing and accessories.

Model: Vanessa

Photographer: Pete Wilk @Kudos Images

Makeup by me: m.a.s.kbykaren 

Roxy Jane at Guys Cliffe House

An amazing image of Roxy Jane at the Salli Gainsford styled shoot. Photography and styling by Salli Gainsford Photography. Makeup by me, m.a.s.kbykaren.

Sometimes you meet someone and their personality absolutely shines through. Roxy played her outfit and was a pleasure to paint.

Guys Cliffe House

I was lucky to be part of the Salli Gainsford Creative team on a styled photoshoot at Guys Cliffe House this weekend. The images that came from this shoot are dramatic and inspiring. The makeup looks were designed with a theatrical feel; inspired by the costumes and the models themselves. This is Sally, who played the Ice Queen look and is the nicest person you could wish to meet. Photographs: Tony Lane Photography. Stylist: Salli Gainsford. Event Organiser Jan Cottrell of  Photoshoots fame. Model: Sally. Makeup: By me, m.a.s.kbykaren

A great vintage image from a recent shoot. Tony Lane does some amazing portraiture work. do have a look at his Insta page. Model: Sheherazde.

Sunset Palette - Natasha Danona

I really enjoy using quality, high end makeup in my kit. Natasha Danona never fails to amaze. The beautiful Sunset Palette is full of golds, oranges and yellow toned shades. Model: Vanessa Chance. Photographer: Kudos Images. Makeup: By me; m.a.s.kbykaren

Awesome shots from the creative shoot. Photographer Tony Lane changed costumes, backgrounds and lighting to come up with some different feels to the photos.

I was able to stage the makeup; starting with soft muted colours and building them and the special effects up to a maximum. Model: Scheherazade. Photographer: Tony Lane also here.

On Location Shoot

Another shot from the very versatile Vanessa Chance on location. I really enjoy staying for the shoot so that I can change makeup with outfits, help with hair and generally hold reflectors or lights! Photographer: Kudos Images

Action Shot!

An action shot of me doing my thing. I was really lucky to be involved with a shot last weekend with some great photographers. It really allowed me to get creative and try out some different ideas. Styling and the most amazing costumes were courtesy of Salli Gainsford Photography. She also took this incredible photo. Model: Scheherazade.

Bridal Theme

A great bridal image from a recent shoot. Photographer: Kudos Images. Model: Vanessa Chance.

A few of the final shots from an amazing shoot with Kolokial Shots. I really look forward to more work with Ian; his images are amazing.

Model: Michelle Lockwood

Photographer: Kolokial Shots

Featured on Veil Cover Cream Site

I was really excited to be featured on the Veil Cover Cream Facebook site today. This was the beautiful Makeup that I created to cover up skin pigmentation. Veil can also be used as a standard cream foundation. I look forward to using it on future shoots.

Styling, Makeup and Magic

One of the amazing shots from the Harry Potter shoot. As well as painting Kira's beautiful face, I brought along a few wigs to shake up the proceedings. Photographer Tony Lane. Model Kira Butcher. Now I want a crystal ball too.

m.a.s.k.bykaren with Kolokial Shots and Michelle Lockwood

Youtube video thumbnail

Kolokial Shots and Michelle Lockwood

A breath taking shot from our makeup shoot. The power of colour and material. The make up was applied in two stages and was designed to compliment the models hair colour; getting bolder and darker as the shoot progressed.

This week I finally got to try out the power of Veil Cover Cream. It is an amazing cream foundation that is truly versatile. Aside from a huge number or colours, that allows you to highlight and contour with ease, it offers the most amazing coverage. The model for this makeup has vitiligo on her face which she wanted to cover for an even skin tone.

Vitiligo is the loss of pigment on the skin, usually in  patches and traditional makeup will not cover it. Using Veil, I was able to match the tone she wanted and create a perfect, even finish. She looks beautiful and radiant. The makeup felt light and stayed in place all day long. Veil can cover port wine stains, reddening, scarring and even covers tattoo's. It is suitable for both men and women.  Contact me for a trial.

Avante Garde Makeup Shoot

Here is the first image from an amazing shoot that I attended this week. The amazing model Michelle Lockwood was a delight to work with and thanks to the talents of Ian Clifford  AKA Kolokial Shots we managed to get some fantastic images.

I designed a two stage makeup, from pink/lilac moving to a more dramatic blue. I also created an asymmetric headpiece to add to the drama. I am starting to make some more headpieces for future shoots; I can't wait to share them.

During Bank Holiday weekend I completed the final stages of my airbrush training and I am pleased to be able to add this amazing technique to my makeup repertoire. It is light as air, very comfortable to wear, can be applied as sheer or opaque as you wish and is FLAWLESS on camera. Foundation, contour, highlight, blush and more editorial contemporary colours and affects can be achieved.

The coverage is also amazing if you have blemishes and wish to hide them for a special event. 

Here is my amazing model Beth in a very natural makeup look designed to match her outfit.

Model: Beth S

Makeup: m.a.s.k.bykaren

Final shots to share from Ballgown shoot at Haleigh Castle.

Model: Ayeesha Elameay

Photographer: Pete Wilk

Themed Photo Shoot

I was really pleased to get involved with a themed photoshoot this week at Haleigh Castle. The theme was actually Harry Potter and model Kira was a Slytherin. The makeup look was designed with greens, yellows and blues in mind. Part way through the shoot we started to shake up the styling and added some wigs. Thats when the magic started to happen! I am looking forward to sharing some of the final finished images. These are candid shots from my phone and tweaked C/O Pixlr. 

Model: Kira Butcher

Photographer: Tony Lane 

Beautiful Makeup that would look amazing for any event with a special dress. Wedding, Prom or Special Occassion coming up? Speak to m.a.s.k. about your Makeup requirements. Following a thorough consultation a design specific to your face will be created to ensure you look your most beautiful.

Photographer: Pete Wilk

 Model: Ayesha Elameay

Makeup: m.a.s.kbykaren

Glitter Cut Crease

Nothing is more exciting than getting out glitter and pigments. NOTHING! This ia an amazing two tone green eye with a  gold cut glitter crease on Kim for a special night out. Get your glitter on.

Photo and make up: m.a.s.kbykaren 

Ballgowns at Hadleigh Castle

Yesterday I had the pleasure of making up Ayeesha Elameay. Not only is she a stunningly beautiful model she is a lovely person too. I really look forward to seeing the rest of the photos from the shoot and working with Ayesha again soon.

Photographer: Pete Wilk

Model:  Ayesha Elameay and here on FB

Mimi Cafrreni

I had the pleasure of meeting Mimi recently and assisting with her make up. We worked on two themes for her shoot. The first was a cow girl image, complete with hat, straw field and dis used railway track.

Photo credit: Bill Jordan Photography 

Model: Mimi Cafrreni

Nothing sets off your make up like a wide eye and eyelashes are key to achieving this doe eye effect. Eye lash Lifting is a gentle alternative to false lashes and lasts for weeks with a little care for the first few days after the treatment. I am fully trained and insured in this beauty treatment and can 

offer a mobile, home treatment out of hours if this suits you better. Contact me for further information.

Picture credit to the very talented Matthew Mallett at JRM Photography. Here. Eyelash lift by m.a.s.k  m.a.s.kbykaren

Main title image credits

Credits for main title page images:

Model: Katie Gould

Photographer: Matt Birch

Make up: m.a.s.k by Karen

1940's Glamour

Nothing says 1940's like a red lip and neutral eye. Add some black liner and lashes and a simple but striking look is complete. This look is timeless.

Model: Lola Garlick

Always use an insured make up artist

When you are searching for a make up artist or therapist, it is so important to make sure you chose someone who has  insurance. 

Whether or not a makeup artist needs insurance has been a subject of debate for as long as makeup has been a viable career. In makeup, if you are a trained professional, not much can go wrong that can’t be fixed with a cotton swab and some makeup remover; but that does not mean that a freak accident (extreme allergic reaction, faulty product) could not occur. As professionals, MUA's need to not only have proper training and experience, but also a well thought out business plan and structure, which, should include insurance.

As a member of The Guild’s insurance, I am covered against treatment risk, public liability and product liability. The Guild is the largest insurance provider in the UK professional beauty industry with over 20 years of experience. I am also registered as a member. This means I am qualified to strict U.K. standards and am committed to ongoing training and development.

Putting products and chemicals, especially on your face and eye area is something that needs to be done by trained and accredited professionals. make sure you and your special occasion are fully covered.

The final Image

An amazing image from Michael Pretty Photography.

Model: Kira Butcher

Make up by me; m.a.s.kbykaren

Charity Photo Shoot for Relay for Life

I was really happy to get involved with a charity shoot for Relay for Life in aid of Cancer Research UK. The event was set up by Zoe Mallett. Photographs were taken by Matthew Mallett from JRM photography.  I did make up for Terri; who had never had her make up applied professionally before. She looked beautiful.

In action on an outdoor shoot. First three photos credited to Ligia Diaz; photographer and MUA.

Model Kira Butcher in Jeffree Star Blood Sugar. Even rock chicks like a bit of pink and glitter lips! Final photo credited to Kira herself. 

Lauren rocking the 'smoke ring' eye. This is a really flattering look that suits pretty much everyone and can be created in any colour; to enhance and pop your eye colour or to match an outfit. 

This look is a huge winner with adult bridesmaids; they will love you if you choose this look for them. It also has amazing staying power and Lauren can vouch that it lasted through several tough Uni nights out! Photos: m.a.s.kbykaren and lauren Ilbury. Make up: m.a.s.kbykaren.

DJ Mind Charity Shoot

Last Sunday I attended the DJ MIND Charity Shoot held at Red Brick Barn at Rockford. It was a great day where photographers, models and MUA's all got together for a shoot and of course to raise money for charity. Over £1000 was raised on the day. I got the chance to meet some very talented models and photographers and look forward to working with them in the future. (m.a.s.k in action. Photographer/MUA: Ligia Diaz)

The m.a.s.k. Story so far

Revealing beauty through professional, photographic make up for all occasions

Story Part 1

m.a.s.k.  - it stands for make up and styling by Karen. I would love to take credit for that, but can't. You know who you are; I thank you! What do I do? Beautiful make up and complimentary beauty therapy services to bring out the beauty in you. I also offer personal make up lessons, princess make up parties, male make up (think grooms) and glitter work.  I am based in the Tendring area of Essex. I am happy to travel in the South East or London areas.

Story Part 2

Using high end products, often imported from around the world and used (and recommended) by leading make up artists, I work closely with my clients to understand what you hope to achieve from your professional make up application. I am able to offer all types and styles of make up from high glam to beautiful, barely there. 

The Future

Whatever your special event, be it wedding, prom, festival or a different special occasion I can offer a reliable, professional service. I am fully trained, insured and am a member of the Guild of Beauty Therapists.

Beauty Styling

I am also fully trained in beauty therapist services that I believe go hand in hand with beautiful make up. I offer facial waxing and threading, brow bar services and my absolute favourite, beautiful and natural eyelash lifting.

Please contact me to discuss your make up requirements